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“10 Health Benefits of Red Banana from Skin to Digestion and More”

Hey, viewers Did you know bananas are the most consumed fruits in the world? You must be knowing their benefits if not do check on my website. We are all familiar with the traditional yellow banana and have yellow bananas in our life. But have you ever heard of Red Banana? or have you ever tried the Red Banana? Do you know that Red Bananas are healthier than the yellow bananas? also have a different nutritional profile. So, let’s explore the benefits of this amazing unique Red Banana fruit.

Red Banana also known as Dhaka bananas or Red Spanish Cuban bananas or the local name as Lal Kela. Lal Kela is native to India and Southeast Asia and now it is also grown in Australia and New Zealand. These bananas have red skin and are also popular as the yellow banana. But are also less sweet and low in calories as compared to the yellow one. This shot of plumper than the average banana and their flesh is creamier.

The best part about Red Banana is that they can be made and idol addition to our diet. These red banana have a lot of benefits. Which is because they contain different essential nutrients. That can benefit our heart health digestive health and more. Let’s know in detail.

What are the benefits of Red Banana?

benefits of red banana


There are two main reasons that bananas are very effective in weight loss. Firstly they are knowing calories single bed banana contains 90 kilocalories. Whereas is on the other hand yellow banana of the same size contains 110 kilocalories. Well the difference between the calories matters a lot. What are you waiting for? Try to slow calculators new diet. Secondly red bananas are very high in fiber and good carbohydrates. Which cause you craving and prevents bind eating so if you eat banana it makes it easier to cut down on calories without suffering from any hunger pangs. Because they create a feeling of fullness in us for a long period.


Red banana give benefits to you kidneyies. Red banana are rich in potassium which helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones in our body. Also, the high potassium content helps retain calcium in our body. Which is very good for our kidneys and bones. Goodbye to seeing the pains in your body as we got a natural benefit to cure it.


To prevent or quit smoking is a healthy choice. But it is not an easy task for the one who is addicted to smoking both physically and mentally. However red bananas can help to tackle smoking addiction thanks to the companion . Well, red bananas they’re rich in both magnesium and potassium. Which can help to manage with nicotine withdrawal and cope with its symptoms.

The red bananas also provide a body with energy and a feeling of fulfilment. Which can make it easier to break the cycle of addiction


Regular consumption of red bananas is very good for our skin. As it helps to clear the spores of our skin in addition red bananas contains very powerful antioxidants. Which are in higher amounts as compared to yellow bananas. Which not only provide various helpful benefits to our body. But also boost our skin help by preventing skin damage and hydrating skin. The red bananas can also be applied externally to a face as a face mask. Which can help to improve our skin quality and keep it tight and elastic. Goodbye to all expensive cosmetics and chemical-based masks.


Red bananas are more Richer in vitamins and antioxidants as compared to yellow bananas. With help to purify the blood and improve our blood quality of course increases hemoglobin count. The Red Banana contains a vitamin which is known as vitamin B6 which helps in the transformation of tryptophan to serotonin. Which can help to increase red blood cell count sweetener option to add to a diet!


Red bananas are heart-healthy fruit and this is because they contain very high amounts of potassium in them. That help to contract the negative effects of sodium in our body and lower blood pressure. Which is the major risk factor for many heart diseases and heart attacks.

Red bananas are known to contain more anthocyanins in comparison to yellow bananas. Which provide them with a red color peel and these anthocyanins are unknown to reduce developing coronary heart disease.


Lal Kela are rich in both vitamin b6 and vitamin c which are needed for a healthy immune system. Vitamin B6 enhances the production of white blood cells and immune antibodies in our body.

Which helps to fight infection whereas vitamin c can boost immunity by strengthening immune cells cheers! To our immune booster.


Red bananas are a good source of fiber and they contain prebiotics. Which is the type of fibre that the probiotics or the beneficial good bacteria feed to support our gut health.

Hence, Red Bananas promote optimal digestion and can reduce the risk of developing inflammation by disease. They can also help to elevate many digestive problems like constipation.


The red banana contains carotenoid which is also one of the pigments that provides them with the reddish colour pee. Red Banana contains two important character carotenoids which are lutein and beta carotene. Which supports good eye health lutein prevents age-related macular degeneration in your eyes. Which is an eye disease that can lead to blindness. On the other hand, beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in a body with supports good eye health.


Eating red bananas can be a great boost for a body’s metabolism. Because they contain vitamin B6 which promotes healthy metabolic function in our body. We required for fast metabolism because that will not only help us to lose weight. But will also help to keep our energy levels.

Study found throughout the day fast metabolism is also needed to carry out different functions in our body in an effective manner. Now, If we compare the nutrition facts between the Red Banana and yellow banana. Then we can see the difference between them. So, not only the Bananas are good and healthy for us but they are delicious too. They are good source of fibre and vitamins just like your yellow banana. But they are smaller and denser less sweeter then contain more antioxidants anthocyanins and vitamins in comparison to yellow banana.

They also have a lower glycemic index as compared to yellow one. Glycemic index is a scale from 0-100 which helps to determine how quickly any food we eat can increase a blood sugar levels. All over glycemic index indicates a slower absorption of the sugar in our body. The yellow Bananas have a glycemic index of 51 where is red one has 45. Due to they are more healthier then the yellow.

SUMMARY :- Did you know bananas are the most consumed fruits in the world? You must be knowing their benefits if not do check on my website. Do you know that Red Bananas are healthier than the yellow bananas and also have a different nutritional profile. Red Banana also known as Dhaka bananas or Red Spanish Cuban bananas or the local name as Lal Kela. These bananas have red skin and are also popular as the yellow banana. This red banana have lot of benefits. That can benefit our heart health, digestive health, Vision, Immune system etc.

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